Mountain Safety: A Call for Responsibility in Skiing Culture

The article, “Letter: Some suggestions to make the mountain safer” critiques the ski industry’s approach to safety measures in Colorado’s mountain resorts. The author, Bob Kurlander
Edwards, acknowledges Elizabeth Kraus’s contribution on avoiding on-mountain collisions but argues that companies like Vail Resorts and the state of Colorado contribute to ski-related injuries and deaths.

The piece advocates for a shift in safety practices, drawing parallels between skiing and driving, highlighting the need for established rules similar to driving privileges. Suggestions include implementing a mandatory online “Responsibility Code” test for skiers and riders, with a passing grade granting a 5-year license to ski or snowboard. They propose replacing advertising panels on chair lifts with safety codes and making ski instructors responsible for educating clients on mountain safety.

Edwards also emphasizes the lack of knowledge among skiers regarding mountain etiquette, proposing a need for comprehensive education on right-of-way and safety protocols, similar to the extensive training required for drivers. They lament the absence of strict regulations in skiing that ensure the safety of participants and others on the slopes, expressing concern about reckless behavior going unchecked. is a Vail Colorado personal injury law firm. Our main offerings include: Injury Attorneys, Accident Attorneys, Ski Injury Attorneys, and Auto Accident and Motorcycle Accident Lawyers.

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